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We create imaginative inspiring stories or assist in pre-production & post-production. From filming to script writing, storyboarding to editing, 2d graphics to 3d graphics & animation. Jolekyo can influence your production in postive ways. A high standard of work quality, communication, & "bang for buck" cost effectiveness can be exprected. Our work is inspired by the optimism & never ending curiosity we wish to pass on to the next genenration.
Our Work: Blue Cart Animatic


Using ad-solutions that fit your budget, Jolekyo will promote your service, event or product with proffesionalism. Our wholesome approach will not comprimise the company image whether you are a traditional family business or upcoming corporation. We consult, plan & design for business cards, websites, brochure, logos, labels, videos & various forms of promotional material. Get the point accross, get noticed & update the image with confidence.
Poster Cola
Graphic Tee: Hacci Hamanasu
Menu: Sukiyaki House
Logo: Chip Monkey
MRRHC DVD Title Anim